Where the Band includes dancing and interacting with the guest on the dance floor to the sound of " Disco , Rock & Roll , R&B , Latino , Waltz and many more genres according to your taste.


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Gala Dinner, Corporate Launch or Wedding.

We have your next event  covered in style, like " NO ONE ELSE " does. 






Two female & two male singers, keyboards , live drums , bass ,

jazz guitar & saxophone. Sit back and relax to the sound of mellow grooves. 



Whether it is a Duo, Trio or Quartet let you be entertained  by us.





Introducing Magma4


Magma4 consists of four Mauritian native artists. Their mutual love of Soul, RnB and Acid Jazz music binds them together.

Introducing the talented team Patrick Jean , Jean Michael Collard, Virginie Apollon & Laurence Thumiah.

The Magma4 band members have been performing together over the past ten years where it all started in Mauritius to their current base in Dubai. At present they are the main entertainment act of one of the most stylish five star resort in Dubai The One&Only Royal Mirage where you can see them perform live six days a week.


As Mr. Quincy Jones commented after listening to some performances: “Your vocal flows like a warm blend of harmony” that is obvious in their great popularity in Dubai and their native Mauritius.


The Band performed many times on Television programmes MaBC channel in Mauritius such as “Cadene”, La Fievre du Samedis Soire and some tracks are regularly broadcasted on the radio, Sugar FM, MBC radio and Radio One.


Magma4 has already released their first Album “Share” during the third quarter of 2009. Their music is available on iTunes.

The Band has been working on the album for a few months joined by an amazing drummer Jim Batchun and Bass player Donovan Dyers. The entire project was recorded on Pro Tools HD.


The eleven track album “Share” has been completed with music inspired by music legends like Alicia Keys, John Legend, Sade, Incognito and many more but infused with the unique touch of style of Magma4’s silky voices and warm harmonies.

Music Lovers from all over the world Welcome to the world of Magma4.